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Ethan Fialkow, JD, MBA, DDP

Ethan Fialkow, JD, MBA, DDP, has been an esteemed coach and consultant for nearly two decades, specializing in guiding and advising business clients. With a Master’s Degree in Business and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, he embodies the qualities of a catalyst and an exceptional problem solver.

Throughout his distinguished career, Ethan has experienced immense satisfaction in empowering countless businesses to unlock their true potential. He thrives on challenges and possesses a natural inclination to solve problems. His philosophy revolves around empowerment, education, and optimization, which he diligently applies when distilling the essence of businesses into well-crafted brand strategies and effective business tactics, successfully transforming underdogs into industry leaders.

While Ethan continues to dedicate the majority of his time to revitalizing businesses, he now extends his expertise to coaching a select number of individuals each year, providing valuable insights on critical thinking, self-worth, purpose, and establishing foundations in nutrition, health, movement, sleep, work, security, and relationships.

Ethan’s life journey has been one of continuous learning and personal growth. Like many others, he has faced the constraints of painful and haunting experiences from his past that resisted healing, causing him to grapple with depression, pain, and a persistent sense of being lost and isolated for a significant part of his life. Furthermore, his physical well-being suffered until he discovered non-conventional methods outside the realm of Western medicine, leading him to harness the power of minerals to heal the body.

After years of tireless research and the invaluable guidance of friends, mentors, and spiritual guides, Ethan embarked on a transformative path of healing and critical thinking. He connected the dots and distilled the wisdom of others into coherent and effective guides and tools, with the intention of assisting individuals in finding and staying on their spiritual journeys.

These transformative events ultimately culminated in the creation of the We Optimize Wellness, a holistic system that facilitates mind and body healing. Through his coaching and comprehensive programs, We Optimize Wellness empowers individuals to enhance their wellness, achieve success, experience fulfillment, and discover their life’s purpose through critical thinking, structured guidance, and transformative coaching.

In his book Minerals Revolution: Why Western medicine missed the science on why we are getting sick and what we can do, Ethan delves into captivating topics such as the deceptive nature of science and ways to perceive through it, dispelling long-standing myths and misinformation perpetuated by the medical and food industries, exploring the shortcomings of our medical system, elucidating the necessity of more than just food for thriving, uncovering the origins of the mineral crisis, highlighting the significance of minerals for our bodies, and analyzing the risks and benefits associated with mineral supplementation. Additionally, he provides a comprehensive, holistic protocol for optimizing mineral intake and offers a customizable diet strategy that adapts to individual needs.

Ethan’s approach defies the notion of a quick-fix solution or universal panacea. If you seek simplistic answers or shortcuts, his guidance may not be what you’re looking for. However, if you are genuinely committed to personal growth, healing, optimization, or breaking free from the challenges that impede progress, Ethan warmly welcomes you to embark on this transformative journey.